Welcome to the Evil Whale Minecraft Server!

Basic Information

Welcome to the Evil Whale server

This server started a couple of years ago as a small private server. We went public on 16-12-2015.

We accept donations, but they will not affect your rank ingame or give you any advantages ingame.


There are some basic rules on this server

  1. No Griefing/Raiding

  2. Only PVP if agreed by both parties.

  3. No mods that give an unfair advantage, ask an admin if you're unsure about a specific mod.

  4. No spamming in chat.


There are a couple of ranks on our server.

  1. Admin. The admins on this server are jowanw and gevalo1. At the moment we aren't looking for any other admins.

  2. Moderators. There are currently no moderators.

  3. Veteran. Veterans have a orange/yellow color ingame. people with this rank have been playing on this server for a longer time than most players.

  4. Builder. Builders have a green name ingame. people with this rank have basic permissions to build and fight.

Site information

Information about the site

  1. This site has been coded by jowanw and gevalo1.

  2. From the playerlist you can click on players there name to see their profile.

  3. If you want your pictures in the Gallery on the site submit them on Discord in the #screenshots channel.

Donation info

If you enjoy your time on our server, and want to donate, this is possible. Donating will not give you any special ranks or advantages over other players.

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Server IP

Discord: Invite

MC: minecraft.evilwhale.nl


Online Players